So When Does The Euthenasia Begin?

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2 weeks 7 hours ago - 2 weeks 7 hours ago #784075 by Garrick
So When Does The Euthenasia Begin? was created by Garrick
It is almost inevitable that breeders and owners are shortly going to start euthenasing their horses.

A glance at the results of recent sales shows a large number of horses 'unsold'. You can take short odds that many of the yearlings that nobody wants are not going to end up running around in large, grassy paddocks at the breeders' pleasure. Even more so ageing, barren and unsuccessful mares.

Expect owners - many of whom are probably already defaulting - to come under increasing pressure to make the extreme choice as their personal affordabilty contracts and earning opportunities shrink. Many will fudge the issue and simply walk away. ( I personally feel the 21 day shutdown period may prove to be wildly optimistic; we could be out of action for many months longer ). It is unrealistic and unfair to expect trainers to plug the gap left by an evaporating owner group.

The operator and its faceless task group may already have lit the fuse by touting a 'Nero like' suggestion : A 'big' meeting on April 18th possibly accompanied by a further reduction in stakes for minor races. Clearly they have never heard the following old racing saying : 'Champions eat as much as donkeys'. Surely cutting the prize money for major races would be a better way in which to temporarily sustain the overall industry? Champions still maintain a market value and paddock potential whereas starving the moderate horses and their owners just hastens the total demise of the industry through loss of the churn.

With every development and announcement one message appears to come through loud and clear : Bread and butter owners, who provide the players for the day-to-day product, will be tested to breaking point by the operator.
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2 weeks 4 hours ago #784078 by Dave Scott
Would have to say that Louis G found us a wonderful home for Nobel Diana
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