Here is an idea............ Or is it too much effort???

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1 week 1 day ago #770292 by Karma
Karma created the topic: Here is an idea............ Or is it too much effort???
As a punter, i really enjoy seeing the trainer comments....Are they the be all and end all??? Not at all..... However it is always nice to see a comment after you have studied hard, that gives you a little extra confidence...

Now, i am not for one second saying that they are always correct, after all they are animals and we all know they can make fools out of all of us....

There is nothing (for me atleast) that irritates me more than when you see (for this instance lets just say race 1, and 10 horses are running), comments on 8 runners and the 2 runners that dont have comments are the 2 market leaders or somewhere near the top of the board....

If i were tellytrack and they really took there job seriously and actually did the hard yards but could not get the comments, rather say, "# 5, tried to get comment, but trainer refused". This will go alot further imo than absolute silence.. Atleast we as punters are aware that you have tried to assist...

Just an idea....

Are you living your life or waiting to die?

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1 week 1 day ago #770301 by Frodo
Frodo replied the topic: Here is an idea............ Or is it too much effort???
For practical reasons, one will never get to hear from all the trainers - so this is not an easy task to decide who to interview on a particular day - especially as the interviews are usually done a few days before meetings - so I'm thankful for whatever we get - it's better than nothing.

That being said, I get the distinct impression that some guys are just better at deciding who to interview - this morning the Cape interviews were very good imo - short and to the point, with quite a number of trainers being interviewed - unfortunately in Johannesburg the two guys whose first-timers are finding plenty of support in the betting market, were not selected to be interviewed (or maybe they declined ?)

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